Guided Tours

Bolder Adventure Travel offers guided hiking or cycling tours of Boulder and Open Space Mountain Parks.   Join Eric Malmborg, a former western history teacher and passionate history buff, for a hiking or biking tour to learn about the history and natural environment of Boulder.  Discover things only long-time locals know about.  Like no other tours in Boulder!

Women hiking with Bolder Adventure Travel
Take time out of your conference for a hike
International visitors on a Bolder Adventure Travel custom tour
Let me take your team on a tour of Boulder!



A group hiking in Chautauqua ParkHistory hikes in Chautauqua Park

Guide Services

Visiting town and need a riding partner or want someone to show you the local rides and climbs?  Distance, rigor, time, road or mountain bike—you choose!  We can also provide you with a hiking or trail running companion who can guide you along the best trails and local peaks and help you maximize your time and fun and provide that extra margin of safety!  

$60/hour per person – single adults (18 and over)

$40/hour per person – two or more adults

$15/hour-youth (12-17)  Children under 12 free

Don't want to hike alone?
Need someone to hike with? Call me!
Mountain biking on the Rollins Pass Road
Mountain biking west of Boulder

Custom-designed trips to Boulder and surrounding area

Have you wanted to do something adventurous on your next vacation but don’t know how to get started?  Not sure if you’re picking something you can handle?  Wonder if you’ve chosen the right bike shop or guide service?  Want someone with years of experience to help you?

Let us plan the perfect personalized trip for YOU.

·      What kind of experience do you want?

·      What level of difficulty appeals to you?

·      How much do you want to pack into a day?

Equipped with this insight, we’ll plan an adventure that’s right for you and your friends or family.  For groups with a mixed array of interest and fitness levels, we can plan customized itineraries for all, enabling family or group members to pursue their individual interests AND still provide time together to connect as a group.  We can make sure there will be something special for everyone.

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