Option 1 – Guided Tours

Bolder Adventure Travel offers guided hiking or cycling tours of Boulder and Open Space Mountain Parks.   Join Eric Malmborg, a former western history teacher and passionate history buff, for a hiking or biking tour to learn about the history and natural environment of Boulder.  Discover things only long-time locals know about.  Like no other tours in Boulder!

IMG_4422International visitors on a Bolder Adventure Travel custom tour

Cycling, Hiking, Trail Running Guides

Visiting town and need a riding partner or want someone to show you the local rides and climbs?  Distance, rigor, time, road or mountain bike—you choose!  We can also provide you with a hiking or trail running companion who can guide you along the best trails and local peaks and help you maximize your time and fun and provide that extra margin of safety!  

Bolder Adventure Travel can provide you with a trail running guide









Guide Services:

$25/hour per person – adults (18 and over)

$15/hour – youth (12-17)

Children under 12 free

Don't want to hike alone?Mountain biking on the Rollins Pass Road


Option 2 – Custom-designed trips to Boulder and surrounding area

Have you wanted to do something adventurous on your next vacation but don’t know how to get started?  Not sure if you’re picking something you can handle?  Wonder if you’ve chosen the right bike shop or guide service?  Want someone with years of experience to help you?

Eric will plan the perfect personalized trip for YOU.

·      What kind of experience do you want?

·      What level of difficulty appeals to you?

·      How much do you want to pack into a day?

Equipped with this insight, Eric will plan an adventure that’s right for you and your friends or family.  For groups with a mixed array of interest and fitness levels, he can plan customized itineraries for all, enabling family or group members to pursue their individual interests AND still provide time together to connect as a group.  With his help, there will be something special for everyone.

He’ll book the best lodging that fits your style and budget, and make all arrangements or reservations for a variety of adventurous, fun and memorable activities to do while you’re in Boulder.  When you partner with Bolder Adventure Travel, you can count on a first-class, iconic Boulder experience.

Technical advice on clothing and equipment are one of his passions.  Prior to your trip, Eric and his crew can advise you on what clothing and equipment you’ll need, ensuring you’re outfitted correctly for a successful trip.  Once you’re at your destination, Eric will offer guidance and support to make sure you know how to utilize your gear and equipment properly.

Need a massage? Chiropractor? Bike mechanic? Help finding your way somewhere?  Eric can answer your questions or connect you with local professionals who can take care of any need.

Cost: These trips are priced individually based on itinerary and accommodations selected.

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Option 3 – Trip consultation, advice, recommendations

For the person who wants to plan their own trip, but wants help sorting through all the information and options available. Eric will put his years of experience to work to guide you in figuring out what to embark upon, where to go, who to contact for guiding services, and how to make the most of your time in Boulder and the surrounding area.

Not just Boulder…

Utilize Eric’s expertise when you’re heading off to some other place in Colorado, or the world beyond.  This option has you covered when you have little to no experience and would like to get advice about things like clothing, equipment, transportation, or whatever the guidebooks just don’t cover.  Eric will draw upon his personal experience, as well as that of his extensive network of friends and fellow world traveling adventurers to provide you with helpful information for trip planning to nearly anywhere! Wherever you go, you can feel confident of being prepared and having a great time when you consult with Bolder Adventure Travel.

Cost: Call for pricing

This includes advice and recommendations in the area of support requested, i.e., trails, guide services, bike or ski shops, hotels, restaurants, etc. and a suggested itinerary.

Note: Trip support for specific elements of your adventure can be provided for an additional cost. Call to find out more about this option.


Bolder Adventure Travel only partners with the most qualified guide services that have excellent reputations for both customer service and safety. Whether you’re young or old, an Olympian or desk jockey, or somewhere in-between, Eric will match you with just the right guide that will provide you with the experience you’re looking for.